Karim Ghidinelli

Karim Ghidinelli was born in Brescia, a northern Italian city. At age eleven his family began to travel for extensive periods of time. They moved to Guinea Bissau, where they lived for a period of fourteen months. He returned to Italy where he continued attending regular school, though his language skill had been much improved by the tempering experience. His views of the world began to change. After a period of about one year, Ghidinelli and his family moved again, this time to Ethiopia. He lived in Addis Ababa for more than two years. Here he began to understand his passion for art, and started to read social symbolism much clearer then he ever could in the pampered society of Italy. In Ethiopia Ghidinelli began attending English school, which allowed him to interact with students from a multitude of cultures, religions, races and nationalities. After Ethiopia Ghidinelli returned to Italy, where he attended The International School of Milan.

Milan represented a necessary transition; though Ghidinelli was catapulted into a bourgeoisie environment he was not used to, he observed and learned. After little more than a year he left again, headed for the Southern African country of Namibia.

In Windhoek, the capital city, he lived for over two years and completed his high school education at St. Paul’s College, a strict catholic school, which presented a set of unexplored realities. Unable to anchor himself to a solid base, Karim departed Namibia and went back to Italy, though only for a short while; in the summer of 1995 he moved to London, England, attending the Chelsea College of Art and Design.Another year went by and Ghidinelli moved once again, this time his travels took him to the American state of Georgia. Here Ghidinelli completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in painting, and has since moved to Miami, where he now resides.