Jamal Abdul Rahim

Born in 1965 in Bahrain, Jamal Abdul Rahim studied art in India and then moved to Bahrain to concentrate on producing works of great colour, variety and humour. Inspired by Middle Eastern culture and the contemporary styles Warhol, Abdul Rahim makes sculptures out of bronze, uses hand- made paper to create prints with embossed calligraphy, and applies acrylic on leather to create paintings diverse in style and colour. One of Bahrain’s most established contemporary artists, Abdul Rahim’s work has been shown across the Middle East in more than 16 Arab and international exhibitions. Jamal’s works have been sold at auction. Jamal is an artist of many facets. He might take a well-known figure or image, for instance the Mona Lisa, and then enhance it with colour, texture (through the use of oils) and often symbols of the Middle Eastern culture (a veil). Black and white canvases are given color. 


He is a master of the print-making process but a fine painter and draftsman too, often presenting a series of etchings or paintings in highly original book form. More recently he has begun working in three dimensions, a medium that appeals to this physical but deep thinking artist who is fast becoming recognized as an important player in the Middle Eastern art world.