Halim Al Karim

Iraqi-born but now resident of Denver, Colorado and Dubai, Halim AlKarim has his work in the permanent collections of galleries and institutions as diverse as London's Saatchi Gallery and Hong Kong's Sovereign Art Foundation. He says his "works dwell on the evolving mentality of the urban society. I am concerned with the ongoing and unresolved issues, specially as they relate to violence. I search through the layers of collective memory and my personal experience in that context.  In this process the main challenge for me is to identify and stay clear of the historical and contemporary elements of brainwashing. Through these works I try to visualize an urban society free of violence. The out-of-focus images, sometimes rendered more mysterious under a veil of silk, imply an uncertainty of context, time and place. These techniques which have become the hallmark of my work are means to overcome the effects of politics of deception and, in turn, transform me and the camera into a single truth seeking entity".