Fadi Yazigi

Born in 1966, Fadi Yazigi studied sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. Yazigi is known to experiment with different genres of art, like painting on canvas as well as newspapers, making bronze sculptures and creating reliefs. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in international art fairs.

Fadi Yazigi's canvases invite us to a complex act of 'appropriating' new modes of being. Modes that allude to forms of life familiar to us as they flow in monotonous, displaced, and multiplied diverse combinations. The intimacy of these forms transmutes into fantastic realms, and flows in an uncanny mood of delirium. With ascetic strokes of black on the whiteness of the raw canvas or across newsprint, faces and bodies are created and distorted. Some framed in boxes, some yearning for a shape, and still others loosely criss-crossing disjunctions of meaning. It is as if one perceives one's own childhood, one's daily existence, desires, hopes and fears.