Bader Qabazard

Born in Kuwait in 1961, Bader Qabazard is an artist who studied motion picture production at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California. After graduating, he dedicated himself to advertising agencies, producing and directing for various commercial groups such as MTV and Saatchi & Saatchi.  His art is a series of close ups on faces of individuals who have touched Bader’s life, from his grandmother’s sidekick to a short-lived romance with a foreign woman. His unique approach to his subjects is quite fascinating in the way he pays attention to detail and form.  

Most of his work has dark undertones and black is the key color, an element that gives an eerie quality and perhaps commands greater attention from the viewer.  At first glance, one will immediately notice the abstractness of his work due to his interesting use of shapes and geometry.  His paintings, in terms of abstract quality, range from the very simple to the very complex, from the very stylized to the very realistic.  They are really a highlight of the life of a man whose life is rich in experiences and depth in emotions.